Anti-parasitic protocal


“The Most Effective and Revolutionary Techniques For

Healing Chronic and Degenerative Conditions”

By Borris Rafael Uvaydov, P.H.D., N.D.

and Vania Kaady, Master Herbalist, Spiritual Healer

Health is normal and harmonious vibration of the elements and forces composing the human entity on the physical, mental, moral, and spiritual planes of being, in conformity with the constructive principle of Nature applied to individual life.  Disease is abnormal or inharmonious vibration of the elements and forces composing the human entity on one or more planes of being, in conformity with the destructive principle of Nature applied to individual life.”    -Henry Lindlahr, M.D.

 What is a chronic degenerative condition?

Treatment of symptoms while not healing the root cause of disease is the primary cause of acute conditions transforming into chronic illnesses.  Also, chronic conditions can stem from the slow degenerative process that has been caused through an unnatural lifestyle.  Any infectious disease which is incompletely treated with drugs will convert into a more severe and potentially life-threatening chronic condition.  The basic philosophy behind standard medical treatment has resulted in a suppression of symptoms which are there for a very important reason.  It is our body’s way of alerting us to a deeper condition existing that needs to be treated.

Contemporary medicine will only suppress the immune system and and leads to disbacteriosis, while giving illusions of having cured a condition because of momentary alleviation of symptoms.   However, Western medicine has a place in curing and treating acute crisis conditions like infections, last-minute surgery, traumatological cases, and emergency situations.  In this area they are adept at saving thousands of lives.  However, they are helpless to cure degenerative conditions because their treatment contradicts the law of nature.  True healing lies in proper detoxification, restoring normal blood flow, and releasing 95% of the body’s reserve power in the brain, nerves, and in the cells.

We are born with a natural ability to heal ourselves as a gift from God.  Because we do not believe this, we lose the power to heal ourselves.  Without the application of faith and knowledge, we are left to depend on others to diagnose and treat our condition.  No human being has the ability to know your system better than you do.  Responsibility for maintaining good health lies within each individual.  When this is lost, the need to find a trusted and knowledgeable healer or physician to restore this fine balance is imperative.  Yet, it is important to realize that true healing comes from an individual’s willingness to use the knowledge and techniques to help themselves.  The real healer is not the physician.  The real healer is you.


Why should you cleanse your digestive tract?

How to free yourself from parasites, candida, and bacteria

One of the leading causes of degenerative diseases is the pollution of the digestive system from unnatural environmental factors.  Human beings have strayed from nature by consuming a diet that is highly processed, devoid of essential vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, and composed of mainly cooked food.  White flour, dairy, sugar, canned food, and improper food combining are the main sources of mucus congestion and imbalanced intestinal flora.  Polluted water, air, chemically laden food, prescription drugs, and the abuse of antibiotics change the PH in the large intestine resulting in an overgrowth in putrefying bacteria.   These harmful bacteria create an internal warfare within the body by spewing forth an enormous amount of toxic substances that weaken an individual’s immune system.  Chronic constipation is a byproduct of this imbalance that further burdens an individual’s eliminative organs.

Over time the average person will have accumulated over thirty pounds of impacted fecal material in their large intestine.  This impacted feces is the breeding ground for unwanted parasites, yeast, bacteria, and worms.  These organisms rob the body from homeostasis by disrupting the PH in the intestines, eating essential hormones and vitamins, poisoning the blood, and starving the organs.   Most people remain malnourished even though they are consuming a large amount of food.  This is because the thick mucus and feces coating the intestines blocks the absorption of minerals and vitamins.  By continuing to consume unnatural and processed food, an individual is further debilitating their body by adding to an already polluted environment.

Cleansing the digestive tract is an essential step to achieving radiant health and overcoming chronic degenerative disorders and diseases.  Cancer is the over accumulation of toxicity in one area of the body.  The primary source of all toxicity begins in the digestive system spreading into organs, tissues, glands, muscles, and even into our bones.  Healing cancer must begin by cleansing the source through which an individual is able to take in nourishment and release unwanted substances. 

The Gastrointestinal Cleanse

            There are three mechanical methods in cleansing the digestive tract.  They include an ancient ayurvedic cleanse called Prockshalana, colonics, and enemas.  Each technique is beneficial in different ways, and all three can be utilized simultaneously for maximum results or individually according to your condition.  Prockshalana is a total cleansing of the entire GI tract which is able to open all the siphons in the large intestine and cleanses the valves in the stomach, small and large intestines.  It is the only physiological procedure that does not affect the peristalsis action of the large intestine.  Under the pressure induced by drinking 6-10 glasses of a salty mineral and herbal solution combined with four specific exercises, the elimination of impacted fecal matter, parasites, bacteria, and mucous from the body.

Colonic irrigation only cleans the large intestine up to the ileo-secal valve.  It is necessary to do 7-10 colonics to reach the valve and unclog the folds and pockets of the intestine to release impacted material.  This method only reaches the large intestine while disturbing the peristalsis action of the intestine for several days which can result in constipation.  It is imperative after a series of colonics to restore friendly bacteria and adopt healthy eating habits.

Enemas will only clean a small area of the large intestine called the sigmoid area.  All enemas, colonics, and prokshalana eliminate electrolytes, friendly bacteria.  Enemas will also disturb the peristalsis action of the large intestine.  After cleansing, the restoration of healthy bacteria should be done as soon as possible.  All three of these modalities are very helpful in removing impacted debris and putrefying matter from the GI tract and if done properly, have a highly beneficial effect for the body.


Prockshalana is an ancient Indian method of cleansing the entire gastrointestinal tract.  By ingesting six glasses of a salty mineral solution one is able to mechanically eliminate toxic mucus, parasites, worms, and yeast.  It is combined with four exercises which help to open and clean the ileo-secal valve.  This is to be done once a week for about six or seven consecutive weeks.  You can order a video of Prockshalana exercises.

Colonic Irrigation

Each colonic will be administered using five gallons of water that has been mixed with a chapparal solution.  To prepare this solution one is to mix a handful of the herb with one quart of water to be boiled for fifteen minutes, allowed to sit for twenty minutes, and then strained.  Start with one cup of the chapparal solution and slowly increase to two cups per colonic.

Chapparal is an anti-viral, anti-parasitic, and anti-bacterial herb.  It contains a naturally high level of antibiotic properties.

Another effective anti-parasitic solution that one can add to the chapparal solution is the trace mineral Manganese.  It is to be diluted in water until the substance is between a slightly pink and violet color.  Manganese contains oxidative powers which supplies oxygen to the large intestine destroying bacteria, parasites, and yeast.  It is a germicide as well as a fungicide.

Organic apple cider or grape vinegar are two substances which aid in eliminating worms because of their ability to acidify the large intestine preventing putrefying bacteria from growing.  From one to two cups of vinegar is to be added to five gallons of water for each colonic.


By its therapeutic cleansing affect upon the GI tract, enemas are the third option and can be used for those unable to do Prockshalana or colonic irrigation.  All water used in enemas must be non-chlorinated, purified water with distilled water as the best choice.

First week: Daily

         Second and Third week: Every other day

         Fourth week: Twice a week

         Fifth week: Once a week

         As a maintenance plan you should plan to continue with a weekly enema.

The first week’s enemas are to be administered with one or two cloves of garlic blended and strained with ten ounces of water.  The powerful antibiotic and anti-parasitic nature of this magnificent food destroys unwanted worms and fungus.

The second, third, and fourth week’s enemas contain a salt and acid solution.  Two teaspoons of solar or sea salt are to be diluted in eight ounces of distilled water.  To this solution one needs to add two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar or the juice of half a lemon.

After the fourth week one should maintain a therapeutic schedule of weekly salt enemas.

Cleansing Herbal Formulas

  1. A mixture of Senna leaf and pod, Cascara Sagrada, Bayberry, Turkish rhubarb, and powdered Licorice root.  This can be taken in a    dose of two capsules twice a day, or 1/3rd to ½ teaspoonful

twice a day.  This must be taken between meals. Note:  Cascara Sagrada must be taken in capsule form because of its bitterness.

  1. Two to four inches of Aloe Vera leaves to be chewed or blended and  taken between meals or on an empty stomach.
  2. Mix two teaspoons of Psyllium Husks with water or juice, shake, and consume once or twice a day one hour before or two hours after meal.  Psyllium must be consumed immediately after shaking because of its tendency to increase in volume which is an indicator of its ability to soak and draw debris and bacteria from the digestive tract to be eliminated from the body.
  3. Mix two teaspoons of red, yellow, or blue clay in ten ounces of distilled water, shake it, and let it sit overnight.  In the morning, on an empty stomach drink half of the clay and consume the remainder of the mixture in the evening before going to bed.  It is also possible to add 1/3 teaspoon of activated charcoal to the clay or take one to three tablets.
  4. Colloidal Silver. One tablespoon in ½ a cup of juice or water twice a day.
  5. 35% Food grade Hydrogen Peroxide.  Start with three drops twice a day and build up to 20-25 drops twice a day.

Healing Herbs

  1. Pau d’arco, wormwood, cloves, and black walnut powder encapsulated all together, or to be taken separately. Two capsules twice a day or 1/3rd teaspoon of powder twice a day after meals.
  2. Tincture of green walnut liquid. One teaspoon twice a day in the          morning and evening.
  3. Pomegranate juice.  One cup a day.
  4. Pomegranate shell and root in capsule form. Two capsules twice a

day after meals.

  1. Grapefruit Seed Extract. By instruction on label.  After meals.
  2. Propolis tincture. Follow manufacturers guidelines.
  3. Pumpkin seeds

Techniques for restoring friendly bacteria

Friendly bacteria can be defined as Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Bifudis, and Bulgaricus bacteria.  Lactic acidophilus is another friendly bacteria which was discovered by Nobel Prize winner Professor Mechnikof.  It is found in yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, and fermented soy products and in small amounts in raw fruits and vegetables.  These bacteria must be implanted into the large intestine through micro-enemas.  These are to be administered through the Fleet enema kit.  Fill the enema with 1/3rd teaspoon of mega-dophilus, one teaspoon of Kombucha mushroom solution, and ½ teaspoon of lactose powder.  All of these ingredients should be available at your local health food store.   These implants must be done for seven to ten consecutive days after cleansing.

Evidence of friendly growing bacteria would be easy bowel movements once or twice a day with the texture of the feces being soft, sausage-like, and without odor.  By supplying the body with enough friendly bacteria which control and prevent harmful putrefying bacteria and toxicity which are the cause of the most chronic and degenerative diseases.  Friendly bacteria manufacture essential b-complex vitamins, and they also aid in the assimilation of all vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.  As a result of building friendly bacteria in the digestive tract the body is able to strengthen its immune system.  A balance between friendly and harmful bacteria is essential in order for disease to be avoided.

 Food, Juices, Supplements which promote friendly bacteria

80% of all food must be raw with the remaining 20% steamed and baked.  One should avoid frying and boiling.  An exception is liquid

vegetable broth.  This should be followed from six weeks to three months.

*Sauerkraut made with cabbage, carrots, and beets with dulse or kelp is an excellent aid to establishing friendly bacteria in the colon and intestines.

*Kefir and raw yogurt from milk or soybeans.

*Tamarind, garlic, and ginger.

*Sprouted wheat-after 36 hours the sprouts are highly digestible.

*Pineapple, lemon, watermelon, and cranberry juice.

*Rhubarb or rhubarb juice.

*Raw fruits and vegetables

Boiled Flax seed remedy

         Boil one tablespoon of flax seeds in eight ounces of water for five minutes and strain fluid from seeds.  Drink while hot.  This lubricates and soothes the digestive system while providing anti-inflammatory relief.

Special juice cocktail

         Four carrots

1/3 beet

Two celery

One cucumber

½ an apple

2/3 slice ginger

One to three garlic cloves

One inch horseradish

One jalapeno pepper

Juice all ingredients and drink twice a day.  The juice must be consumed within twenty minutes in order to retain all the enzymes.

Cleansing the Liver

The best astrological time for cleansing the liver is from January to June under the full moon.  The liver should be cleansed four times a year because the liver consists of four parts, and each cleaning will only benefit one part.  The first year one should cleanse four times, the second year three times, the third year twice, and the fourth year only once, and then once a year for the rest of your life.

Techniques and Preparations for pre-cleansing:

  1. A person should be prepared psychologically by a trained medical professional.
  2. Cleansing should only be done after cleansing the gastrointestinal tract for seven to ten days.
  3. For seven to ten days one should apply a hot castor and olive oil

pack to the liver for 30 minutes to an hour every night.  A hot water

bottle or heating pad should be applied directly over the liver which is

below the right breast and underneath the ribcage.  90% of the population do not know where their liver is.  Applying heat to the liver eliminates 2/3 of venus blood congestion.  Many sick people have excess blood congestion in their liver, spleen, and gallbladder areas.  This heat expels stagnant, bad blood to allow healthy arterial blood to the organs.  Over many years the liver has accumulated deposits of solidified rancid oil which we have consumed and this causes degeneration and liver stagnancy.  The heat pack will help melt these deposits into a fluid-like substance to be cleansed and eliminated through the bile ducts.

  1. Cleansing enemas can be taken two to three times a week with a solution of two teaspoons of sea salt dissolved in eight ounces of

distilled water.  Add one tablespoon of vegetable glycerin to this

mixture.  This helps to cleanse excess mucus and debris from the large intestine.

  1. An herbal combination can be taken between meals consisting of

Calendula, birch leafs, chamomile, corn silk, rose hips, dandelion, peppermint, milk thistle, and sage.  Make an even combination of

one tablespoon of each herb for eight ounces of boiled distilled water.

steep the herbs for twenty minutes, strain, and drink half a glass in

the morning and evening.

The Art of Detoxifying your Liver:

  1. The actual cleanse will last from two to three days. You will need to consume eight ounces of raw, freshly squeezed apple juice from granny smith apples every two hours.  Only water and the apples are to be consumed for three days.  If an individual has time constrictions, the cleanse can be done in one and a half days.  The drinking of the apple juice will be finished the next day at 4:00 p.m.  A tray containing a clock, a tablespoon, and a mixture of four to eight ounces of olive oil (depending on weight, constitution, and age) with four to eight ounces of freshly squeezed and strained lemon juice should be prepared.  At 7:00 p.m, six tablespoons of the mixture is consumed every twenty minutes, and after each portion a person should lay down on their right side with a hot water bottle or heat pack on their liver.  One should consume the mixture every twenty minutes until finished.  To prevent nausea, a person can add ice to the mixture for better transit time.  One should expect a bowel movement the next morning filled with black, green, and yellowish material filled with stones and toxins.  In the worst case scenario, a person can vomit because of too much liver congestion or inadequate cleansing preparation.  Contraindications for this cleanse are those individuals with liver cirrhosis, tumors in the liver, and pregnancy.
  2. The malic acid in the apples combined with a lemon and olive oil mixture breaks down cholesterol plaque, biliburin plaque, and calcium deposits.  It melts these substances down to be cleansed from the bile ducts into the gastrointestinal tract to be excreted from the large intestine.    

Cleansing the kidneys

We have two kidneys, each containing 1,300,000 nephrons which are

a conglomeration of thread-like blood vessels through which the blood is filtered.  The main purpose of the kidney is to excrete excess amounts of water, and to eliminate all unnecessary harmful toxins like uric acid, urea, excess calcium, indole scatol, and many other substances that our bodies do not need.  If the kidneys do not properly eliminate these substances, the accumulation will lead to all types of degenerative diseases.  This includes arthritis, arteriosclerosis, kidney stones, and many other disorders.  About forty to fifty percent of U.S. and European citizens suffer from undetected kidney problems.  If preventative cleansing in not done for the kidneys, a slow obliteration of the blood vessels occurs resulting in impaired kidney function which leads to degenerative disorders.

Because of their lack of symptoms, individuals will remain unaware of their problem while their bodies are slowly degenerating.  All clinical blood and urine analysis only show advanced and chronic kidney problems, while undetecting all other kidney weaknesses and malfunctions.   Collecting a twenty-four hour urine sample is can be a good diagnostic tool in assessing kidney function.  If levels are below one liter and 200 milliliters it is an indicator of weak and unnatural kidney function.  Iridology is also another diagnostic tool which can diagnose weak kidneys and other chronic conditions.

Dr. Alexander Salmanov recommends kidney cleansing two to three times a year for all individuals.  The first step in restoring the kidneys is a balanced vegetarian diet in which two meals are consumed daily.  Between meals one is to consume only water and herbal tea.  Table salt is in the form of sodium chloride and actually leaches sodium from our bodies resulting in dehydration and imbalanced electrolytes.  Our bodies need organic sodium which is found in all fruits and vegetables especially celery.  One should limit their intake of table salt and increase their intake of raw fruits and vegetables.  A small amount of raw, unpasteurized sea salt can be used sparingly.

To cleanse the kidneys one would do daily retention enemas for five days using chamomile.  Two tablespoons of the chamomile flowers are to be steeped in eight ounces of boiling water for twenty minutes, strained, and used for the enema water.  It is to be held for as long as you can and then expelled.  After five days, enemas are to be administered with two teaspoons of baking soda dissolved in eight ounces of distilled water.  These enemas are also to be used for five days.  The baking soda and chamomile act as detergents for the kidney nephrons.

After holding for 10-15 minutes, the liquid is allowed to be absorbed into the blood stream, circulates through the entire system, and then reaches the kidneys where it cleanses and removes impurities.  These enemas are not cleansing enemas so less water can be used in order to increase the amount of time one is able to retain the solution.

After ten days of daily enemas, all food must be discontinued except for watermelon which is to consumed for three days.  Between watermelon meals, cranberry and Concord grape juice is to be consumed.  Three teaspoons of vegetable glycerin is to be added to an eight ounce glass of juice once a day for three days.  Every month for six months one should for three days repeat this cleanse.

During the cleanse one should consume the following herbal tea mixture:  rosemary, peppermint, juniper berries, red rose, uva ursi, nettles, rose hips, corn silk, and horsetail.  Mix equally and take one tablespoon a day in eight ounces of boiling water.  Folk medicine uses parsley root as a potent kidney cleanser.  Boil one tablespoon of the root with eight ounces of distilled water and then consume once daily.  Parsley leaves are also a beneficial diuretic, and can be juiced raw or added to the root tea.  This remedy crushes the kidney stones into sand and allows the body to expel them.  Oxalic acid combined with uric acid and calcium creates kidney and gallbladder stones.  One who has kidney problems needs to eliminate meat, dairy, and foods containing high levels of oxalic acid including spinach, tomato, rhubarb, Swiss chard, beet leaves, chocolate, coffee, and black tea.

Healing baths are very important while cleansing the kidneys.  One should take a bath every other day, and during the watermelon cleanse, daily.  Sixteen ounces of hydrogen peroxide and two pounds of Epsom salts or sea salt should be added to each bath, and one should soak for about twenty minutes.  While bathing, one should consume the herbal tea mentioned earlier, and brush their abdomen and kidney/adrenals in a circular motion with a skin brush.  Blood washing is used to remove stagnant blood while oxygenating and attracting arterial blood to a targeted area.  During a hot shower, one is to focus the water stream to the kidney area to dilate and increase the speed of blood which restores and rejuvenates the kidneys.  The steady stream of water is to be applied for twenty to thirty minutes daily or in some cases, twice a day.

Spanish black radish is a potent kidney cleanser as it has the ability to crush kidney stones.  Two tablespoons of raw juice is to be combined with carrot and lemon juice to be consumed on empty stomach for one week.  Another beneficial nutrient for the kidneys is the flax seed.  Boil two tablespoons of flax seeds in sixteen ounces of distilled water for five minutes.  One can strain this mixture or drink the entire solution in two doses twice a day.  This helps to dissolve toxins and accumulated waste in the kidneys and flushes them out.  Oat groats are another old folk remedy which highly benefit the kidneys.  This grain strengthens, cleanses, and feeds the kidneys.  Boil oat groats in distilled water for twenty minutes, strain and drink.  One can add honey or another natural sweetener for better taste.

Cleansing the Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system is composed of the lymph nodes, lymph fluid, and lymph blood vessels and muscles.  The lymph system eliminates stagnant toxic material out of the body.  A healthy lymph system is essential to a strong immune system, maintaining physical and mental equilibrium, and in healing chronic degenerative disorders.  The lymph cycle is closely connected with another cycle within the body which is the general circulation consisting of the heart, blood vessels, lungs, and again back to the heart.  Each cycle depends on the healthy functioning of the other cycle.

If one system is stagnating, generating overall sluggishness and toxicity, the other system will also slowly collapse resulting in degenerative disease, particularly artheriolsceloris.

It is impossible to restore the lymphatic system through western medicine which focuses on using drugs, surgery, and radiation.  Cleansing the lymphatic system first starts with the cleansing and purification of the large intestine and gastrointestinal tract.

To open the Lymph System:

  1. It is recommended that an individual eat only twice a day only drinking juices and herbal teas in between meals.
  2. Hyperthermic baths according to instruction.
  3. Sauna, wet or dry, and steam rooms with lymphatic massage.
    1. While in the sauna, use a lymphatic cocktail, consisting

of half a glass of fresh squeezed lemon juice, one glass of

orange juice, and one glass of grapefruit juice mixed with

an equal amount of distilled water.  Sip slowly throughout

the sauna.

  1. Twenty minutes before entering the sauna, take between

100-500 mg of Niacin, depending on your condition.  Niacin

opens up all peripheral blood capillaries, causing blood to rush to the skin, and allows your largest eliminative organ, the skin, to release toxins through perspiration.  Niacin will cause a flush resulting in warmth, tingling and burning sensations, and itching which can last from twenty to thirty minutes.  Make sure to take Niacin after having eaten a small snack, never on an empty stomach.

  1. Hydrotherapy-alternating between hot and cold environments.
  2. Spending time outside, walking barefoot if possible, in the morning and evening.
  3. Sleeping outside or on a balcony in the summer, and in the winter

having as many windows open to allow fresh air to enter.

  1. Sleep on a flat pillow or without a pillow to allow blood circulation

to reach your brain, cleaning and clearing toxins from your cells.  This physiological position allows your lymphatic system to eliminate toxins more easily.

  1. It is imperative to sunbathe at least thirty minutes a day. Sitting in the sun before 12 p.m and after 4 p.m is when the sun provides our

bodies with healing .  In between these times, the rays can be damaging.

  1. Taking a daily nap can be very rejuvenating and refreshing.
  2. Daily meditation, prayer, and creative visualization.  Imagine

yourself in perfect health, with strength, happiness, and joy.

  1. Engaging in outdoor sport activities.  Examples include tennis,

skiing, swimming, running, dancing, biking, and other aerobic             activity.

12.             Keeping mouth clean from bacterial infection.  Using different

natural anti-bacterial rinses in the morning and evening.

a.     Do not use conventional toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant,  laundry detergent, and chemical cosmetics.  These contain harmful chemicals, fragrances, and artificial ingredients which harm the body.

  1. Rinsing both the mouth, sinus passages, and feet with a salty

solution.  Brushing the tongue is also very important in removing

harmful bacteria.


Movement-the key to a healthy lymphatic system

Movement is the only way to move and circulate lymphatic blood through the body.  This is critical to the circulation of toxins from the blood to the elimination system.  A healthy lymphatic system must move lymphatic fluid through the pumping of the muscle that is attached to lymphatic blood vessels.  If the lymphatic system is sluggish a person will have a high amount of toxins recirculating throughout the entire body causing chronic degenerative diseases.  Without daily exercise and movement, the lymphatic system will be unable to move toxic mucus elements to be flushed and this condition is called autointoxication.  Any kind of movement which is uplifting to a person’s spirit while stimulating the physical body should be engaged in as often as possible.  Examples include dancing, walking, swimming, running, biking, other sport activities, chi gung, and tai chi.

Balancing and Restoring the Endocrine System

The endocrine system consists of glandular cells which produce and release hormones into the bloodstream.  The pineal, pituitary, thyroid, adrenals, mammary glands, reproductive system including the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, testicles, and prostrate gland, liver, pancreas, and skin are all part of the Endocrine system.  The skin is the largest eliminative gland throughout the entire system consisting of the sebasceous and sweat glands.  The endocrine system depends on the PH of the acid-alkaline balance.  For example, the PH of the blood should be slightly alkaline, the saliva must also be alkaline, the stomach should be extremely acid, the duodenum should be alkaline, small intestine should also be alkaline, and the large intestine should be slightly acidic.  Both the skin and urine should be slightly acid.  The body’s assimilation of vitamins, minerals, and all nutrients depends on the acid-alkaline balance of all organ systems.  It is helpful to monitor the PH of our urine by using Litmus paper which can indicate the level of acidity or alkalinity of the urine.  A reading of 6.4-6.6 is normal, while anything below or above indicates too much or too little acidity.  One can also check the PH of the saliva which should be slightly more alkaline.

The art of decalcifying the Pineal and Pituitary Glands

These glands have a tendency to become congested and contaminated with excess calcium.  Cholesterol plaque, uric acid, dead cells, calcium, and other toxins form a cement upon these organs resulting in venus stasis which blocks the absorbtion of nutrients to the glands.  60% of United States citizens have this problem.  This condition results in overall stagnation fostering the breeding of parasites, bacteria, and fungus throughout the entire system.  Diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, psychological disorders, loss of cognitive ability, and many other conditions are a result of this toxicity and blockage.

The quickest and most profound method of relieving venus congestion and stagnation is through the application of leeches by an experienced Hirudologist.  The application of one or two leeches behind the ear has a remarkable ability to heal congestion in the brain.  One woman who had suffered from severe migraines for ten years was free from all symptoms after one application of leeches to her cerebellum.  Another method which takes more effort but helps in removing blood stagnation is a 35 to 40 day fast on water alone or with juices.

Exposing the pupils of the eyes to sunlight stimulates the hypothalamus, pineal, and pituitary glands which increases the vibrational frequency and circulation of arterial blood to remove calcification.  Sunlight stimulates the manufacturing of serotonin and melatonin whose hormone-like properties coordinate and regulate other endocrine glands.  Pulsating and stroking red light improves the functioning of the glands by feeding the optic nerve.  A kaleidoscope provides additional healing by stimulating the nerves of the eye, speeding up the blood circulation, and improving the assimilation of nutrients to the brain cells.

A turpentine hand bath can be used to accelerate by fifteen times the rate of the bloodstream in the brain, nourishes and furnishes oxygen and nutrients to the brain, and eliminates toxic congestion through the lymphatic vessel.  Water is applied to a large basin and is then mixed with a turpentine solution.  You then place your forearms and hands in the solution from a sitting position for about ten minutes or longer depending on your symptoms.  Most people experience an intense tingling and flushing sensation which will last an additional twenty to thirty minutes after treatment.  An herbal tea with added cayenne can be consumed during this process to facilitate even greater blood circulation.  This procedure can be used twice a week.  Having a professional instructor to apply this treatment or to consult with, before application is highly advisable.

Having a hyperthermic bath once a week for a month will help to stimulate blood movement and will remove stagnant blood from the body.

Yoga exercise can help move blood through the body, especially exercises like the shoulder stand which move blood to the brain, chest, and neck which houses the thyroid gland.

Hydrotherapy using linen sheets is also a powerful anti-congestive treatment.  The patient is to be wrapped very tightly in linen sheets which have been soaked in a healing herbal tea or salt solution.  Linen or silk have the capacity to absorb and take away all toxins, mucus, and debris from the skin by dilating the pores and soaking the perspiration.  This activates the sebasceous and sweat glands while relieving pressure and toxicity from all the endocrine glands.

 Nutritional Herbs which feed and stimulate Endocrine Glands

Angelica root, Wild Mexican Yam, Sarsaparilla, Licorice root, Rose Hips, Yucca root (which contains natural hydrocortisone), and Black Cohosh all contain compounds that nourish and support the glandular system.  Add one cup of each herb and mix together, each day take two tablespoons of dry herb and soak in one glass of boiled distilled water.  Take one third of the mixture in 3 divided doses throughout the day.

One can also use the Royal Rife machine on the affected area and gland.  This will strengthen the gland and aid in blood circulation.  Light therapy and heat therapy are two very effective therapies in restoring the endocrine system.  Our circulation depends upon our chakras which are always spinning while accepting cosmic energy.  Color therapy can rebalance and improve the aura which will directly affects the health of the physical body.

Imbalances in a person’s energetic body directly influences the health of their physical, mental, and emotional parts.  The colors red and orange help heal and balance the first and second chakras which correspond to the lower back, bladder, and male and female reproductive system.   The first chakra is a person’s center of survival as well as the manner in which they associate with their tribe or society.  The second chakra deals with all matters relating to money, power, and sex.  The third chakra, the solar plexus region of the body, must be rebalanced with the color yellow.  This color can be used with light therapy, as a cotton wrap around the midsection, or emphasized in a person’s wardrobe, household decorations, or food choices (bananas, yellow squash, pineapple etc).  It is the center of self-esteem, personal choice, and a person’s ability to manifest their personality in the world.

The fourth chakra corresponds to the chest, heart, and thymus and its color is green.  The fifth chakra’s color is sky blue and its main gland is the thyroid.  This is the center of will and signifies a person’s ability to create and express themselves in the world.  The sixth chakra is the third eye and its color is indigo blue.  This is a person’s ability to be intuitive and see beyond the physical world.  The crown chakra is the seventh chakra and is our connection to the spiritual realms-its color is purple.

The sun’s rays contain seven colors, half of them visible and half are invisible.  They have the ability to balance each chakra and heal the aura.  Sunshine is essential to a healthy endocrine system.  Every living creature must be exposed daily to the sun for twenty or thirty minutes.  During the winter full spectrum lamps can be used to restore and clean the aura.  If this whole program is followed, yet one fails to expose themselves to the sun, full restoration and healing will not be complete, especially for women.  Without sunlight all glands cannot function properly.  The healthiest activity  takes place under the sun and induces perspiration.

Infrared lamp therapy can be applied to different glands with five minutes of heat alternated with one minute of an ice pack.  This can be applied to the thyroid, adrenals, and the reproductive system to strengthen them through the acceleration of blood, better uptake of oxygen, and better assimilation of nutrients.

         Blood-washing methods can be very healing in rebuilding and cleansing the endocrine system.  To administer this technique one needs to purchase a pliable shower filter and put a chair in the bathtub.  Alternate ten minutes of hot water for one minute of cold water on the different endocrine glands. The shower head must be fifteen to sixteen inches from the body.   If it is possible, spend two to three hours in the bathtub two to three times a week.  This modality accelerates the speed of blood, eliminates venus congestion by the increase in oxygen to the gland, and improves capillary and lymphatic circulation.  Never do this method with regular chlorinated water because the chlorine will penetrate through the pores and degenerate the blood vessels.

The healing power of cold water was discovered by a great Russian healer by the name of P. Ivanov.  Ivanov advocated spending as much time outdoors as possible ingesting clean and pure air.  He spent three months without food and water surviving solely on clean air and exercise.  He slept outside in the winter when there was snow on the ground, and spent his entire life walking barefoot throughout all seasons.  The essential factors to good health are the following listed in order of importance:  fresh, mountain air, sunlight, clean water, movement, and then food.  Many people in the west have ignored the first four principles of health and have used the fifth principle in an unhealthy way.

80% of our capillary circulation takes place on the top of the skin and most people’s circulation is sluggish in a semi-paralytic and inactive condition.  The skin glands are unable to eliminate toxic material because they are slowly atrophying due to inadequate nerve circulation and deficiency in blood.  It is important to expose our skin to fresh vital air.  One of the secrets to health is recognizing that our skin absorbs and needs oxygen.  Healthy skin is shiny, golden, and without blemishes.  Geographical regions which receive more sunlight with warmer climates, have a healthier population.  Their skin has more pigments due to exposure to the sun and the general countenance of their skin is healthier.

Clean water taken both internally and used externally is more important than food.  The water that most people consume today is actually detrimental to their health.  We advocate drinking distilled water that should be revitalized by placing it under the sun with a quartz stone in it for one hour.  This changes the chemistry and frequency of the water by assimilation and transmission of sun energy into the water.  The quartz energy is also transferred into the water.  Drinking revitalized water will help rejuvenate, regenerate, and heal the endocrine system and the entire body.  Ivanov healed thousands of people in Russia with hundreds of chronic diseases including cancer, pneumonia, arthritis, asthma, allergies, depression, paralysis, heart and digestive problems, as well as numerous other conditions.


Prepare three buckets of cold water, the colder the water the more profound the effects on the system.  Exposing the water to sunlight will help accumulate healthy sun energy and higher frequency healing power.  Leaving the water outside overnight will also accumulate cosmic energy through the planetary system.  In the morning you take a hot shower and after you take the first bucket and dump 1/3 of the water on the feet, 1/3 on the chest, and 1/3 on your hypothalamus region.  After ten to fifteen seconds repeat with the water in the second bucket and again with the third bucket.  This will result in a temporary shock to your entire system and will stimulate nerves and receptors on your skin.  This first closes your capillaries sending blood to the inner system, purifying and healing, then the blood rushes back to the surface of the skin opening the capillaries and producing healing heat.  This brings your cell temperature to 39-41 degrees Celsius causing a hyperthermic condition within your body and cells.  This works to decalcify and improve circulation in your brain and hypothalamus area.  For optimum results, do this twice a day.


Physiological Law of Nutrition

We have divided this section into two categories: the cleansing diet and the building diet.  The cleansing diet consists of strict veganism (without meat and dairy products) and should be followed from five weeks to two months.  The building and maintenance diet emphasizes fresh vegetarian food with the following additions if desired; raw, specially prepared lamb, raw fish, raw liver and heart, and use of a few dairy products including raw goat’s milk, feta cheese, and raw yogurt.  Animal products should be limited to two to three times a week.  All protein should be consumed before 3:00 p.m because hydrochloric acid production diminishes later in the day, and completely ceases after 6:00 p.m.

         It is our conclusion, after thirty years of research, that strict vegetarianism, if followed for a lengthy amount of time, generates nutritional deficiencies, anemia, and weakness.  One should pay special attention to receiving complete protein and enough calories if an aversion to consuming animal products is felt.  Balancing food intake with respect to the Chinese philosophy of yin and yang is a key to optimal digestion.

         Foods which cause slow degeneration are refined carbohydrates that are devitalized and contain minimal fiber.  This includes white, refined flour which is the main ingredient in pizza dough, macaroni, bakery goods, bread, and most packaged cereals and crackers.  Most packaged bread is chemicalized with artificial yeast which destroys production of hydrochloric acid.  The glands which manufacture hydrochloric acid slowly atrophy from this yeast resulting in a deficiency of hydrochloric acid.    Refined carbohydrates do not completely digest, and create a mucus-like substance called gluten on the entire gastrointestinal tract.  This gluten covers the villi in the small intestine and creates a mucus layer that prevents vitamin and mineral absorbtion.

         Iodine is a mineral that is essential to proper thyroid function and in which millions of Americans are deficient in.  The state of the small intestine has become so congested with thick glue-like mucus that proper absorbtion of iodine and other minerals has become impaired.  Lack of iodine results in an under functioning thyroid gland which causes obesity, depression, sluggishness, allergies, cold sensations, low adrenals and blood pressure, and an overall imbalanced endocrine system.  Artificial iodine and drugs for the thyroid can never solve this problem.  Only natural organic iodine, herbs, bark, flowers, and food can remedy the condition.

         The second real tragedy of refined carbohydrates is their ability to dehydrate the large intestine and this contributes to feces impactation.  This unnatural build up of fecal matter remains in a person for years, and without proper cleansing will remain there until death.  This material is the breeding ground for harmful bacteria, parasites, and fungus.  White refined products are one of the most dangerous processed foods and are the most widely consumed products today.  Many of our children’s main source of nutrition is coming from white flour products.  This is a tragedy which modern civilization must change in order to create a new foundation for health.

          Our civilization’s habits of eating generate pre-cancerous conditions.  Cattar is a pre-cancerous indication which is diagnosed by a white coated toque with a yellow hue and dark spots.  This indicates a coating of the gastrointestinal tract with heavy mucus.   Unnaturally high levels of mucus  leads to the multiplication of parasites, bacteria, and fungus.   People live for ten to twenty years, unaware of their condition, having only minor symptoms or none at all.  Meanwhile their bodies are degenerating.  This sub-clinical condition cannot be diagnosed by orthodox tests.

Toxic mucus irritates and separates the natural endoterium lining of the gastrointestinal tract.  The highly computerized system of the brain therefore loses control of the receptors which are found in the endoterium lining because of the blockage created by the toxic mucus.  All communication between these receptor sites is impaired resulting in unnatural impulses from the brain for more and more food because of poor assimilation.  A person’s cells remain in a starved condition even though they are eating too much food and suffer from obesity.

It is imperative during the cleansing and building process that no drugs, antibiotics, and synthetic vitamins and minerals are consumed.  Dr.  Alexander Salmonov spent twenty years researching the effects of inorganic substances upon the cell.  The cells reject all substances that are not in an organic state.  There are two kingdoms: the mineral kingdom and the organic kingdom.   The mineral kingdom is composed of sand, dirt, planets, stone, and water as well as other substances.  All minerals must be converted into an organic state through the distillation and transformation which occurs through the sprouting of trees, flowers, and plants.  This process begins through the roots, continues into the stem, and results in a fruit which we then consume and eat.  Any vitamin and mineral not coming from this organic process will be rejected by our cells.  These inorganic substances then enter the blood, clog the lymphatic system, block the kidney nephrons, and weaken the entire immune system.

Research has shown that among 100 children consuming artificial vitamin C and inorganic calcium (pasteurized milk), 30 of these children had developed kidney stones.  Any inorganic substance including perfume, dyes, laundry detergents, chemical cleaners, pesticides and carbon monoxide, create a proliferation of free radicals which cause cell mutation and eventually lead to cancer.  Average Americans every year carry in their bloodstream 15 to 20 pounds of inorganic substances.  These substances are slowly damaging their liver, kidneys, and other organ systems.

Organic food supplements that contain organic enzymes, vitamins,

and minerals can be a helpful addition to a balanced diet.  Many herbs and supplements that have been encapsulated have lost the power of their organic state because of heating and processing.  Herbs and supplements should be taken in their natural and pure state in order to benefit the body.

Bee pollen (fresh granules, not in capsule), bee propolis, chlorophyll- wheatgrass and barley juice, sun chlorella and spirulina, Brewer’s yeast, Brazilian nuts, cola nuts, kudzu root, rosemary, lavender, sage, bay leaf, red clover, calendula, blue violet, aloe vera, paprika, cayenne, cloves, curry and turmeric, balsamic vinegar, tamarind, sesame seed, coconut milk, rose hip tea and berries, sprouted wheat, alfalfa tea, mata tea, gingko biloba tea, papaya leaf, kombucha mushroom, pineapple, blackstrap molasses, black cherry concentrate, orange and lemon peel, flax seed and flax seed oil, whey and fermented soy products are all very healing food supplements which provide organic minerals, vitamins, and enzymes.


The Physiological Law of Food Combining and Digestion

  1. Food must be thoroughly chewed in order for the saliva to produce ptyalin which is the enzyme responsible for breaking down starches into simple sugars. If this is not done, fermentation and autointoxication will occur because the starch will not be digested but will combine with proteins and fats causing the fermentation, gas, and indigestion.  This also forces the pancreas to work harder to produce digestive enzymes to complete the digestive process.
  2. Protein must be digested in the stomach where a high level of hydrochloric acid is necessary in order to break the protein down into amino acids. The higher the level of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, the better the digestion.  Most people have low hydrochloric acid, in spite of the illusion of too much acid manifesting as heartburn and indigestion.  These conditions are being caused by toxic mucus caused by fermentation and contamination from poor food combining and overeating.
  3. Protein must be eaten with an acid food such as pineapple, tomato, garlic, apple cider vinegar, lemon and some non-starchy vegetables to facilitate optimum digestion. The acid will help convert the protein into amino acids.
  4. Combining starch (potato, bread, macaroni) and protein (meat, dense nuts and seeds) together will generate poor digestion. This is because pepsin which digests protein and trypsin which digests starches neutralize each other resulting in putrefecation because of incomplete digestion.  Food stays longer in the stomach and begins to ferment.
  5. The same thing occurs when food is combined with liquid. Any  liquids will dilute the amount of hydrochloric acid in the stomach while allowing undigested food to pass into the small intestine.  This also overworks the pancreas and causes fermentation and toxemia in the intestines and blood.
  6. Never combine fat (butter, cheese, margarine) with animal protein.
  7. Any commercial vegetable oil has been heated and chemicalized and must be avoided. These oils are rancid and contain transfatty  acids which create free radicals, are carcinogenic, and contribute to heart disease.  All oils must be cold pressed and bottled in dark containers to prevent exposure to light which causes rancidity.  Examples include fresh flax seed, olive, hemp, and grapeseed oil.
  8. Diabetics and most people should avoid oil because it is very dense and stresses the pancreas. Fats should be consumed in their natural state as a component of our foods like avocado, unpasteurized goat cheese and milk, nuts and seeds, and grains.
  9. Avoid pasteurized dairy products and cooked meat as they are heated fats that harden the blood vessels and clog the bile ducts.
  10. Eat fruits alone at least one hour before a meal.
  11. Melons should be eaten alone and not combined with other fruits.
  12. It is preferable that one should eat animal and vegetable protein

before 3:00 and 4:00 p.m.  Hydrochloric acid production declines

after 1:00 p.m.  After 6:00 p.m there is virtually no hydrochloric                 acid left in the stomach, therefore incomplete protein digestion will      occur.  This leads to the accelerated production of uric acid contributing to gout, arthritis, and other degenerative diseases.

  1. Never eat when you are angry, depressed, or experiencing stress.
  2. Try to eat in a comfortable and pleasant environment.
  3. Never eat any sweets, fruit, or beverages after a meal.  This        causes fermentation and putrefecation.


Tools to Rebuild the Immune System

The immune system is the ability of the body to maintain homeostasis, a balanced metabolism, constant detoxification, free flow of slightly alkaline blood, normal elasticity of the blood vessels, ability to ward off infection, bacteria, and viruses, constant movement of lymph and blood circulation, and a perfect elimination system with friendly bacteria flora in the large intestine.  A healthy endocrine system is part of healthy immunity and depends on sufficient nutrition to fuel the production of hormones.  A weak immune system is always an indicator of an imbalanced endocrine system.

Ten steps to rebuilding the immune system:

  1. Mental detoxification that involves changing negative beliefs into positive thinking. Reprogramming the mind to eliminate stress, fear, doubt, and other disease building emotions and replacing them with faith, hope, happiness, strength, and joy.  No matter what condition you are facing, you have a 95% reserve power within to help you in achieving health.
  2. Improve the quality of your aura and chakras through color, sound, sunlight, ultraviolet light, music, aromatherapy, spiritual meditation,

and energy work.

  1. Avoid environmental pollution by keeping a chemical-free home, using only natural hygiene products, and spending as much time outside as possible.  The more time you can spend in nature, the more rapidly the regeneration and restoration will occur.  The healing power of rivers, trees, the ocean, mountains, and other natural resources cannot be duplicated or replaced.  It is essential to participate in a relationship with the Earth because we are part of Nature’s creation.
  2. Clean and remove mucous build up in the gastrointestinal tract. Restore levels of hydrochloric acid, which is essential to the digestion and assimilation of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, in the stomach.
  3. A cleansed stomach will enable the system to produce more intrinsic factor which is essential to the assimilation of Vitamin B-12.
  4. Improve your circulation, oxygenation, and eliminate general and local venus stasis. Achieve this by using a heat pack on the liver,  pancreas, and gallbladder areas, alternate hot and cold temperatures through hydrotherapy, color, and light,  and use chest and lung compresses to accelerate blood flow.
  5. Improve your entire elimination system through gastrointestinal cleansing using colonics, enemas, herbs, and diet.
  6. Correct and adjust your structural system through osteopathic manipulation, massage, acupressure, physical therapy, and exercise. A balanced muscoskeletal system is essential to a healthy peripheral

nervous system.  The peripheral nervous system regulates the functioning of the inner organs and the circulation of blood.

  1. Create equilibrium between the endocrine glands and the lymphatic system, oxygenate the blood, and bring enough nutrients to the entire body. Turpentine baths, wrapping with linen sheets, hyperthermic baths, and a balanced building diet can all be used to achieve this optimum state.
  2. Restore sebasceous and sweat glands, normalize PH and acid-alkaline balance saliva, blood, skin, intestines, and urine.

Live Cell Therapy  

Live cell therapy is widely used in Germany, Switzerland, and Mexico.  It is a costly procedure that involves the use of a woman’s placenta or the placenta from animals.  We will introduce a similar therapy that was  used by a famous Russian physician, Gabriel Capustin.  His technique involved using an egg that had just been freshly laid by a chicken.  The egg is cleaned with alcohol and placed in a sterilized glass where it is mixed with 250 mg. of distilled water.  Two to five milliliters of this solution is then injected into the upper thigh.  This treatment awakens the immune system by the introduction of a concentrated vital nutrient containing a high life force and healing energy.

Another benefit of this treatment is that the body responds to the egg as an antigen thereby creating antibodies which work to fight infection, bacteria, and viruses in the system.  It also stimulates an increase in bone marrow which accelerates the production of red and white blood cells.  A common effect is also an increase in energy, vitality, and strength.  This should be injected weekly for one or two months.  If a person is suffering from cancer, then the treatment should be increased with higher dosages and more frequent application.   Dr. Capustin had an enormous amount of success with this technique, healing thousands of degenerative conditions including cancer.

Lavrova’s Method of Healing:  Intracellular Rebirthing

According to Lavrova’s research and experience, man should be able to live over 100 years with excellent health and vitality.  She stated that  present Western medicine is barbaric and is destroying the health of millions of people.  She challenges any orthodox practitioner to try her method of treatment.  After completing our detoxification program, it is recommended that one adopt Lavrova’s healing protocol.  Her program begins with fasting every other day without water and food, and eating a healthy diet on days where food is allowed.  When fasting, it is recommended that an individual spend as much time outdoors.

For the first month, a person fasts for fifteen days and eats for fifteen days.  One day is spent fasting and the following day water and food is taken in.  The day after fasting, water is first consumed and then a protein (yogurt, soy products, beans) is eaten one hour later.  One should avoid any kind of starch or sugar as the first meal because the pancreas has been resting and does not have the enzymes to digest the carbohydrates.  The rest of the day one can consume a body building diet.  Abstaining from all liquid and food every other day for a month is the initial stage of her program.

The second month one is to fast every two days and then eats for two days.  The following third, fourth, and fifth months the number of days is increased according to the month until one is fasting for five days and eating for five days.  This method of fasting allows heavy toxicity, particularly harmful metals and radioactive elements, to be purged from the cell and eliminated from the body.  The body, through the extreme withdrawal from all substances, is able to burn off all bacteria, parasites, viruses, and cancerous cells.  No tumor can withstand the extreme condition which manifests in the cell and blood from following this protocol.  It is a rejuvenative program which accelerates the process of replacing weak and sick cells with new, healthy cells.  Fasting in this manner facilitates intracellular rebirthing and a complete renewal of the entire body.

Psychologically preparing for this protocol needs to be done before physically embarking on the fasting regimen.  There needs to be a commitment from an individual to try the method for at least one month without interruption.  After the month, an individual can then decide whether they are suited to continue the program.  One must have a strong will to be well and healthy in order to sacrifice the comfort of routine and habit.  It is recommended that the patient have a trained instructor to monitor their progress throughout the entire process.

Vibrational Therapy

A human being contains approximately thirteen trillion cells.  If these

cells are healthy, they vibrate at a high frequency thus creating a  perfect environment for a strong immune system.  When there is pathological disease, the vibrational frequency of the cells is lower.  Parasites, yeast, bacteria, and worms thrive in a dense atmosphere and contribute to lowering the vibration of the cells.  The toxicity from these harmful organisms poisons and stagnates the blood while polluting the cells of the entire body.  Poor eating habits, high levels of toxins and chemical exposures, an imbalance in daily life activities, high levels of stress, electromagnetic pollution, and negative thinking patterns also create a low vibrational frequency.  Consequently, after many years of putrefecation and a diminished life force, the body loses its resistance to disease, infection, and chronic disorders.

Color Therapy
  1. Heliotherapy-exposing the body to the visible and invisible rays
Of the sun

*this cleanses and restores the aura

*the high vibrational frequency of the sun will recharge

and raise the vibration of the cells

*destroys harmful bacteria everywhere in the body

*converts bad cholesterol to vitamin D

*is anti-sclerotic by increasing the speed of the blood

which accelerates the cleansing of toxins in the vessels

*improves hormonal balance

*alleviates seasonal depression

*restores the menstrual cycle

*exposing pupils of eyes to the sun stimulates the pineal and

pituitary glands which release serotonin and melatonin

*serotonin and melatonin stimulate the endocrine system to

release healthy hormones into the bloodstream


  1. Indoor Lamp Therapy

Buying a lamp which can be fitted with a multitude of plastic

color sheets is a wise idea for anyone dealing with a health

challenge.  This vibrational healing works on the physical,

mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of a person.  A room

must be darkened with no outside light penetrating into the

space and should be at a comfortable temperature.  The part

of the body which will be exposed to the color emanating from

the lamp must be bare.  Start with ten minutes and build up to

one hour at a time, alternating the colors to infected areas. The colors yellow and orange are anti-parasitic and anti-fungal.


  1. Music

Vocal, instrumental, and tonal therapies are very effective

in their ability to raise the vibration of an individual.  Listening

to music, singing, playing an instrument, humming, toning, and creating sound are healing modalities which should be utilized daily.  Singing raises the vibration of the vocal chords

which stimulates the entire system to vibrate at a higher frequency.  This recharges and vitalizes the cells, nerves, and tissues of the body.  Pleasant music stimulates a higher vibration within our bodies, while noisy, violent music destroys and lowers the vibration of our cells.

  1. Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is the ancient art of healing through smelling

healing oils and herbs.  Herbs and oils can be burned, massaged into the skin, added to baths, and steam rooms, and

can also be ingested.  This healing modality affects an individual physically but also energetically by balancing the

aura.  Essential oils improve vitality, circulation, and increase

endurance among a list of other benefits.  They build and improve and rebuild the immune system.

  1. Utilizing the Earth’s magnetic power

The accumulation of the powers of sun, air, and water combine

to create a tremendous healing power in the Earth.  Walking

barefoot in grass, sand, or dirt (no asphalt or unnatural settings) helps to ground our excess electrical energy.  An excess of this energy will irritate and disturb the brain, nervous system, and the entire body while disturbing the circulation.  Isolating ourselves from Mother Nature by not grounding creates all types of psychological and nervous disorders.  Shoes, carpeting, cars, indoor work settings, and every modern convenience works to isolate man from earth.

Grounding harmful status electricity to the earth by walking, sitting, playing, and resting on grass, sand, or dirt is essential to health.  This also enables an individual to receive new, healthy energy from the planet.  Exposing oneself to the positive vibrations of sound (waves of the ocean), visual beauty (a budding red rose bush), and the smell (of fresh rain) enables a person to instill these frequencies into their aura.  This can heal and balance any part of a person that is need of restoration.  In order to heal, a person must spend their maximum time outside in natural settings communicating with nature through all of their senses.

         6.  Laughing

Laughing awakens and stimulates the solar plexus region which is behind the stomach.  In most cases this region lies dormant unable to fulfill its function to direct impulses to all the gastrointestinal organs.  This malfunction is detrimental to digestive health and overall well-being.  Exercising the diaphragm is crucial to balancing the entire body and facilitating rapid digestion and assimilation of nutrients.  There is an excellent example of the power of laughing involving a gentleman who was diagnosed with terminal stomach cancer.  He decided to forego all conventional medicine and used alternative healing while laughing and enjoying every minute of everyday.  Forgetting his condition, he chose instead to laugh and be happy with his life.  One month later his physician could not find a trace of cancer in his entire system.

Royal Rife Machine

Royal Rife was an American scientist in the 1920’s who was working for the United States government for the purpose of improving human health.  In his lifetime he invented over forty devices.  His greatest invention was the electronic microscope which helped him to discover the cause of most diseases is microscopic bacteria, fungus, and parasites.  These organisms attack, multiply by billions, block the blood vessels and arteries, and are the  cause of most degenerative diseases including cancer.  Pathologists found that the tissues of tumors was composed 100% of parasites and bacteria.

To prove his theory that the source of all diseases comes from parasites, he developed an electromedical device called the Rife machine, that uses electromagnetic frequencies to destroy parasites, bacteria, and fungal infections.  When parasites exist in the body they generate a low vibrational frequency.  Rife discovered that by administering the same frequency to the body to create a resonance resulted in the death of parasites.  Destroying parasites, bacteria, and fungus meant Rife was able to cure cancer.  Over a period of five years he conducted clinical trials in La Hoya, California with a success rate of 90%-95% in healing cancer.  A person can order and use a Rife machine on themselves because it is not FDA approved for a physician to use.

Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation

Blood is drawn from the patient and is then exposed to alpha ultra-violet rays for about five minutes.  The blood becomes saturated with the high frequency of the rays and becomes a potent anti-infectious and anti-parasitic treatment for the body.  It is then reinserted into the patient stimulating the bone marrow to more rapidly produce red blood cells which boost the immune system.

Creative visualization and the art of Positive Thinking

What you think about will come about.  If you visualize and think about fear you will attract fear to you.  Every vibration of fear in the universe will be drawn to you like a magnet.  Dwelling in negativity creates a vibration of negativity throughout your entire being.  This is reflected physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  Metaphysical law says that like attracts like, and like builds like, therefore we must think positively in order to achieve positive results.

If a physician diagnosis a patient as terminally ill with only three months to live it is a common occurrence to see that patient dying exactly three months later.  Many times patients are misdiagnosed with cancer or other terminal diseases, and die months later because of the psychological impression upon their subconscious minds.  The subconscious mind has the power to overcome any disease.  Under suggestion and visualization therapy many patients have healed themselves of cancer.

To overcome illness there needs to be a strong desire to get well.  It is also vital to spend 15 minutes twice a day reaffirming health through positive mantras.  The following can be used before bedtime when the body is relaxed to instill in the subconscious mind perfect health and well being.  “From this moment on I bury the past, and bury the person I was before today.  I start a new life with a positive mind, great power, and unlimited success.  I am whole, perfect, powerful, harmonious, loving and happy.  God supports my healing and He is an unlimited source of restoration and harmony.”

By imagining oneself as love, light, healed, and happy, you are attracting to you these realities.  We create our own reality.  Changing your thinking and deep beliefs about your life and challenges will create the circumstances you desire.  Like a sponge you will soak in the unlimited amounts of positive energy and high vibrations that are flowing freely throughout the universe.  Sometimes a person is so deeply down, ill, and depressed that they cannot for themselves engage in positive visualization and mantras.  A trusted hypnotherapist, counselor, or friend can do this for them and with them.

Tantric Sex

         Tantric sex is an ancient form of sexual yoga from India that teaches the amazing amount of healing power in touching and caressing.  Tantra can be used to clear blockages, balance chakras, and expand consciousness.  This form of intimacy brings the two lovers into a spiritual state of sensitivity with each other, as well as providing extensive healing to the physical body.  Proper sexual activity is a need of human beings in order to restore energetic balance in the body.  By lifting lower sexual energy from the second chakra to the heart chakra, a person releases a tremendous amount of sexual energy in the form of an orgasm that continues to benefit the body for several hours.


Hydrotherapy is divided into two categories:  internal and external modalities.  Internal hydrotherapy consists of several different therapies.  It removes and cleanses internal mucus, debris, parasites, and also heals inflammation in the digestive system.  Colonics, enemas and prockshalana are all examples of hydrotherapy.  External hydrotherapy uses the skin as the main avenue of flushing toxins from the body.  Through compresses, bathing, inhalation, wrapping, and steaming with natural materials the nerves in the skin are stimulated to dissolve toxic compounds.  This improves the circulation, eliminates inflammation, dissolves toxic mucus, coordinates the endocrine system, accelerates blood flow throughout the body, and speeds up the lymphatic and capillary system.

Turpentine baths are composed of an emulsion of salicylic acid, soap, and turpentine which are prepared by a special boiling technique resulting in one white solution.  This is then added to a hot bath to stimulate and open up all of the capillaries of the blood.  It promotes equilibrium between the movement of blood from the skin and brain while dissolving blood congestion which is the cause of venus status, a sluggishness of the movement of blood in the body.  The bath restores the neurons of the cell by opening up the capillaries which are responsible for feeding nutrients into the cell.  After accepting nutrients from the open capillaries, the cell is then able to toss unwanted material to the lymphatic system which has been opened by the bath.   During the bath and for about thirty to forty minutes after the bath, a person will experience a sensation of burning and electrical pulsing throughout the body.  This is one of the highest and effective chelation therapies and was used by the genius physician, Dr. Alexander Salmanov in France during the 1940’s and 50’s.

Hyperthermic Baths were also used by Dr. Salmanov to treat a variety of debilitating diseases.  A solution of black walnut, sage, lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus, and chapparal is boiled and steeped.  This solution of approximately one gallon is added to a bath with a lukewarm temperature and mixed.

Preparation of bath:  Two hours after eating, preferably before bedtime.

Preparation of tea:  A profusion of Linden flowers, raspberry jelly, saffron, cayenne and sage is used to help the person perspire.

After five minutes of sitting in the bath, the temperature is slowly increased by adding hot water until you reach a temperature of 104-107 degrees.  While sitting in the bath, you are continuously sipping the tea.  The entire bath should last about 20 minutes, and one should only remain for five minutes at the highest temperature.   After drying, a person should be wrapped quickly in two cotton sheets and go to bed, covered by two warm blankets.  The individual should continue drinking the tea and remain in bed for one hour in which profuse sweating should occur.

 Physiological explanation of the therapy:  Very effective for breaking infection, viruses, and parasites while eliminating blood congestion.  It elevates body temperature while resulting in an elevated blood temperature called hyperthermia which destroys and paralyzes growing bacteria.  The bacteria and toxins actually burn and come out as ash from the pores of the skin.  This heals the body from toxic substances circulating throughout the system.  It stimulates millions of sweat glands promoting elimination of toxic materials through the skin while accelerating the speed of blood by two to three times.  It unloads the kidneys and other eliminative organs allowing them to rest and rejuvenate.

Local and General Hyperthermia

General Hyperthermia

         Parasites, fungus, and tumor cells are very sensitive to temperature.  After exposing a cancerous tumor to a temperature of 44 degrees elcius

for four hours, the tumor will begin to disintegrate and die.  Because healthy cells are also sensitive to such high temperatures, it is recommended that one expose infected areas every other day at a temperature of 40-41 degrees Celcius.  However, abnormal cells are more sensitive to the heat.  In a remote Italian village where there is a high incidence of Malaria due to the climate, there is virtually not one case of cancer.  This fact baffled scientists until they realized that in order to fight the malarial infection, the body naturally generates a high temperature of over 40 degrees Celcius to clear the bacteria from the system.  Most inhabitants of this village are afflicted with Malaria several times a year resulting in a fever for several days.

This high temperature level, maintained for an extended period of time, works to prevent and heal the body from any kind of bacteria, parasite, fungus, and cancer.  Therefore, the people of this village are free from all of these life-threatening conditions.  A nearby village whose inhabitants do not experience malarial infections are victims of all types of cancer and degenerative diseases.  This proves that the body has an innate ability to destroy cancer and other pathogenic diseases through raising its temperature and literally burning the disease away.  Local and general hyperthermia is a modality that assists the system in accomplishing the same thing.

In Europe, a drug called Perogenal has been injected into the body to raise body temperature from one to two degrees in order to combat and destroy infection.  This treatment has been used successfully in psychiatric cases, cancer patients, and in healing venereal diseases.  Another similar modality involves injecting one to three milliliters of a boiling milk or whey solution into the muscles of a patient in order to increase body temperature.

Local Hyperthermia

Using an infrared heat lamp, one focuses the lamp on the infected area fifteen inches from the body for five minutes and then one minute of ice is used on the same area.  This is to be done interchangeably for approximately 30 minutes or until five to seven cycles have been repeated.  By the extreme contrast of temperature all pathogenic infections and tumors will begin to disintegrate.  This should be continued for several weeks in order for benefits to be seen.  This can also be done with a special shower head alternating the stream of water from extreme cold to hot on infected areas.

Spending fifteen to twenty minutes with alternating five minutes of hot water to one minute of cold water is extremely revitalizing and stimulating to the entire body.

Another ancient healing art involves using a hot brick or iron over towels that are covering the afflicted and diseased area of the body.  The heat is applied for five minutes and then cold ice is applied to the area.  Five to seven cycles are repeated.  Women with breast cancer have benefited greatly by this modality as have other degenerative conditions.   All of these alternative healing arts can be used successfully without chemotherapy, drugs, or radiation which we believe further debilitate and weaken the immune system.

Any tumor or malignancy can benefit greatly from the healing power of the sun.  By focusing the sunray upon the tumor or infection through a mirror and magnifying glass, one can fully utilize the healing energy of sunlight.  First you attract the sun ray with the mirror, then you magnify and focus the ray onto the affected area.


The healing power of leeches has been used for thousands of years.  All types of diseases have been successfully treated with leeches.  This healing modality is being revived in Europe and other parts of the world, including the United States.  Leeches contain over 100 healing enzymes in their saliva.  When they are applied to an affected area of the body, the enzymes reach the blood of the patient producing physiological changes in the chemistry of the blood.  It regenerates the bone marrow, oxygenates the blood, and eliminates venus stasis or congestion in the blood.  The healing effect of the leeches will continue for one week with great restoration within the body of the patient.  They have been used in cases of cancer and other degenerative diseases.  They contain natural antibiotic, anti-bacterial, anti-viral substances, and work to alleviate pain through natural analgesic properties.  Leech therapy is a fascinating and supernatural healing tool which nature has supplied man with.

In the Canary and Soloman Islands, native healers have successfully treated cancer and melanoma patients with leech therapy.  By creating a virtual blockade around the tumor with the leeches, they are able to eliminate venus congestion and restore oxygen by the normalization of microcirculation in the affected area.  This treatment has healed many patients with breast and skin cancers.  By doing this every week along with hyperthermia and proper diet, many people have their health restored in as little as one month.

People with chronic fatigue and other degenerative conditions will benefit greatly from the powerful enzymatic and energizing leech water.  They can drink this, make an enema, and bathe with this highly charged cosmic water.

Leech therapy can be used as hyperthermic therapy if a syringe is used to extract the blood that has already mixed with the leech saliva.  The extracted blood is then injected into the affected area of the body in a dose of about one cubic milliliter.  This blood induces a high temperature within the body for several hours enabling a person to fight off infections, parasites, fungus, and tumors.  Leeches can cure hemorrhoids, infertility, frigidity, reproductive disorders, tumors in the ovaries and uterus, mental confusion and psychiatric disorders, and a whole host of other conditions.  Leeches can restore and balance the chakras and aura.  Leech therapy must be applied only by highly trained and expert Hirudologist .  The only contraindication for leech therapy is for those with severe anemia, very low blood pressure, or hemophilia.

The Art of Healing Specific Chronic Conditions

Therapies for bacterial, parasitic, fungus (Candida) infections, Herpes Genitalis, Simplex, and Zoster, Mononucleosis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Hepatitis A,B,C, and AIDS.

Remove general and local venus stasis (blood congestion) in every place in the body.  Any activity which causes a part of the body to remain in one position for an extended period of time will cause blood stagnation in that area.  For example, watching telvision and working on a computer will cause venus blood congestion in the head and brain.  Sitting in one position for an extended amount of time will generate congestion in the pelvic area.

A congested condition in one part of the system will cause the entire body to enter a state of venus stasis.  The whole is affected by an imbalance in one part.  This stagnated blood and energy must be moved out of the body as soon as possible through movement, specific exercises, and healing techniques.  Another way in which people generate venus stasis is in overworking the body to an exhausted state through extreme physical activity, overindulgence in sexual activity, mental activity, and emotional stress.

Methods to Remove Blood Stagnation and Congestion

  1. The best way to remove local congestion in one area is through the application of leeches.
  2. Light, color, and sound therapy.
  3. Hydrotherapy, hyperthermic baths, alternating hot and cold in the shower, Blood washing method, and linen wraps.
  4. Drinking, bathing, and using ozonated water for an enema.
  5. Hot liver packs.
  6. Ingesting 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide by instruction for one month.
  7. Colloidal Silver.
  8. Blood Irradiation Therapy.
  9. Endocrine coordination and decalcification of glands.
  10. Royal Rife Machine (by instruction for one month).
  11. Capustin’s live cell therapy.
  12. Lavorova’s method of healing.
  13. All of these methods should follow a thorough gastrointestinal, liver, kidney, lymphatic, and endocrine cleanse as outlined in the beginning of the book.
  14. The first month of treatment one should follow the cleansing

diet and then continue on the body building diet.

 Cancers of the Breast, Ovary and Uterus, Prostate, Skin, Leukemia, and Lymphoma

Cancer is not a death sentence.  We have been conditioned by society to believe that cancer should be feared and is almost impossible to heal.  This negative vibration is the main cause of death among cancer patients.  The subconscious mind is automatically programmed with fear, doubt, and hopelessness which creates a low vibration throughout an individual’s body.  Without the deep belief and faith that one can be healed, a person has little chance for survival.  The main power of healing lies in the soul.  To believe in a prognosis of death which is handed down from a human physician, is to  cut yourself off from the unlimited, invisible force within you.  To overcome cancer one must completely disregard all stereotypes concerning their diagnosis and adopt a powerful and positive frame of mind.

Eighty years of orthodox medicine has not resulted in the complete healing of cancer.  Chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery may temporarily rid the body of the local tumor, but over time the cancer can spread, benign tumors may become malignant and metastasize, and the immune system will be weakened.  Dr. B.T. Trall’s research has shown that after a biopsy or surgery, benign tumors can become malignant.  This is because the power of the immune system is diminished, the tissue is irritated causing the growth of malignant cells, and blood congestion is produced through trauma and scarring.

Professor Salmonov also concedes that surgery and chemical treatment of cancer is the primary reason why most people are dying from this disease.  He treated and healed many people with cancer through non-toxic pharmacological drugs, herbs, and alternative healing modalities.  Many alternative physicians believe that the Western treatment of cancer shortens the life the patients, compared to those individuals who forego any treatment.  To summarize, allopathic medicine’s treatment of cancer is creating more harm than healing because it uses invasive surgery and toxic drugs to destroy the disease while not focusing on healing the patient.

Many individuals decide to utilize both Western and alternative medicine in healing their cancerous condition.  This does not allow the complete healing power of nature to work.  Chemical medicine is so weakening and destructive to the body that it often leaves an individual with a diminished reserve power and resistance to disease.  Some cancerous cells may have been destroyed, the tumor may have shrunk, yet at what cost? Chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery often cause cancer cells to spread into the blood and other areas of the body while the local tumor supposedly has disappeared.  This metastasis is more dangerous than the initial local infection.  The reserve healing power left within the body is then not enough to rebuild the immune system or fight any remaining cancer left in the body.   The patient has been weakened physically, mentally, and emotionally from the onslaught of chemicals and toxic drugs.  Alternative healing modalities are then only able to pick up the pieces and repair the damage that has been done, while not being able to fight the cancer.

The best way to heal cancer is to prevent cancer.  If you are already diagnosed with cancer, the recommendation is to utilize the plethora of non-toxic conventional and unconventional therapies that are being done in clinics in Mexico, Switzerland, and Germany.  The following therapies can be used by an individual to rebuild, restore, and heal cancer.  However it is ultimately up to the individual to decide what form of medicine they will adopt to heal their condition.

Modalities for Healing Cancer

  1. Change your mind from a negative fear based thought pattern to a hopeful and faith based philosophy.
  2. Believe in the 95% reserve power within you to heal any condition.
  3. Use hypnotherapy and NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) to reprogram the mind to release the inner reserve power within you.
  4. The body will follow what your spirit and mind believe and create.
  5. Understand and believe that whatever modality you choose to follow has the power to heal you.
  6. Local and general decongesting therapies using leeches and other modalities previously discussed.
  7. Cleansing the gastrointestinal, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, and other systems of the body.
  8. Normalize the PH and acid-alkaline balance.
  9. Anti-parasitic, bacteria, and fungus treatment according to previously discussed modalities.
  10. Hyperthermia-General and Local.
  11. Intravenous application of hydrogen peroxide, DMSO, vitamin C,       Laetriles, and Proteolytic enzymes.
  12. Light, Color, and Sound therapy.
  13. Royal Rife machine therapy.
  14. Capustin’s live cell therapy.
  15. Lavorova’s fasting program.
  16. Eurofeev’s (Russian scientist) and John Armstrong’s methods       of urinotherapy.
  17. General turpentine baths.
  18. Anti-cancer diet which is a cleansing vegetarian diet emphasizing red pigmented foods like beets, berries,
  19. Anti-cancer herbs including red clover, chaparral, comfrey, alfalfa, blue violet, horehound, Turkish rhubarb, senna pods, licorice root, mulva, calendula, mullein leaves, plantain, corn silk, St. John’s wort, and Juniper berries.
  20. Chlorophyll (wheat grass, sun chlorella, spirulina, and other   healing food supplements mentioned earlier.
  21. Healing vegetable and fresh fruit juices.
  22. Avoid exposure to environmental toxins and chemicals through purifying your home, personal hygiene products, and work environment.

After following this therapy program from 2 to 3 months one should repeat this twice a year from two weeks to one month or spend time in a healing resort or spa.  Adopting a lifestyle change that emphasizes whole natural foods, hygienic living, and spiritual growth is also imperative for rebuilding the immune system.


Gout is the accumulation of uric acid, calcium, and uneliminated toxic mucus in the joints of the feet, hands, and knees.  A chronic condition can become a chronic condition with severe pain, difficulty moving, and all types of allergic conditions.  Over time one can become crippled and Orthodox medicine offers no cure.  A sluggish elimination system, constipation, inactive lifestyle, low hydrochloric acid, and wrong eating and drinking habits especially overeating animal and dairy products.

Biological Treatment:

  1. Cleanse the gastrointestinal tract.
  2. Engage in activities to induce perspiration. Taking a sauna

with a lymphatic massage while drinking a hot Linden tea to

increase sweating is very beneficial.

  1. Apply leeches to the affected area. After leech application,

have a skilled professional use hot cups over the area to draw the e       excess calcium, uric acid, and mucus out.

  1. Use compresses that have been soaked in healing herbs such

as Horsetail, alfalfa, and calendula and leave over affected

area overnight.  This will draw out the uric acid and soften the hard deposits on the joints.  Compresses made of a mixture of DMSO and balsamic vinegar are also very healing.  A DMSO ointment can be applied to the area to alleviate pain.

  1. Expose the affected area to blue and green light for thirty minutes a day.
  2. Use a sunlamp or infrared lamp alternating between heat

and cold.  Expose affected area to sunlight for thirty minutes a day.

  1. Hyperthermic baths and wrapping the entire body with linen

sheets which have been soaked in an herbal solution.

  1. Rehabilitation through exercise and hydrotherapy.

 Dietary Suggestions:

  1. Lemon is the most powerful dissolver of uric acid and calcium. A person should slowly build from one lemon a day to 17-21 lemons a day.  Fresh squeezed lemons must be strained and consumed  thirty minutes before eating or one hour after a meal.  Never consume with food or any liquid.  Diluting with distilled water is an option for those unable to drink it alone.  Lemon juice should be taken three times a day with the addition of one lemon a day.  When the maximum intake of 17-21 lemons has been reached, a person will maintain this amount for three days.  After the three days, slowly decrease the intake of lemons by one a day.  A strict vegan diet (without dairy and animal protein) must be adhered to during this treatment.  It is an option to do a vegetable juice fast while doing the lemon protocal with the addition of chlorophyll like spirulina, sun chlorella, and wheat and barley grasses.    Contraindications:  Acute ulcer and gastritis with hyperacidity.  Some hyperacid conditions can be remedied with drinking eight to ten glasses of peppermint tea a day and with the application of heat to the abdomen to improve circulation.
  2. Wheat Germ Oil with a dosage of one teaspoon twice a day.
  3. Four teaspoons of sprouted wheat daily.
  4. Alfalfa tablets or powder, 10-15 tablets a day or one teaspoon twice a day.
  5. One tablespoon of juniper berries, comfrey, sarsaparilla, birch leaves, ginger, rose hips and paprika should be mixed together and two tablespoons should be steeped in boiling water to make a tea.  Drink twice a day away from meals.
  6. Red sour cherries and cherry juice concentrate neutralize uric acid.
  7. Fresh celery, parsley, and raw potato juice.
  8. Mineral rich vegetable broths.
  9. A saffron and Linden flower tea increases perspiration during a sauna or hot bath.


Skin Problems (Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne, Acne Rosace, Skin Cancer, and Gastrointestinal Problems (Gastritis, Heartburn, Gas, Indigestion, Constipation)

          Over 90 million people from all types of skin disorders.  There is minimal hope for Orthodox medicine to cure these disorders because they treat the external symptoms while ignoring the depth of the problem.  The tragedy of today’s society is the enslavement most people have to their stomach, rather than being masters over their nourishment according to their physiological needs.  All skin problems are a direct result of intoxication and toxemia which pollutes the blood stream.  Thrombosis is a condition in which the capillaries are partially blocked and then are unable to furnish nutrients to the skin.  This results in the inability of the skin to flush out toxins through the sebasceous and sweat glands.  The skin is a mirror of the gastrointestinal tract and general health.  The more shiny, healthy, smooth, and golden the skin, the healthier the individual is.  If the main root cause of skin problems, which we believe stems from internal toxicity, is not addressed and treated, a person will not be free from future skin eruptions.

          Biological Healing Treatments:

  1. Detoxification therapy for five or six weeks including extensive gastrointestinal cleansing according to previously discussed modalities.  A complete liver and gallbladder flush should be done once a month.  This can include a one or two week vegetable juice fast.  Stick to a strict vegan diet (no animal products) while eating twice a day.
  2. 2. Include seeds, nuts (especially soaked almonds and cashews), grains, vegetables, beans, papaya seeds, kelp, dulse, paprika, rose hips, bee pollen, propolis, sprouted wheat (four teaspoons a day, Brewer’s yeast, whey, chlorophyll, tamarind, sprouts, and flax, grapeseed, sesame, and olive oils.  Add fresh vegetable juices and green juices to your daily diet.
    1. Raw potato and raw potato juice have a specific beneficial effect.
    2. Ingest the boiled flax seed mixture discussed earlier once or twice a day for two weeks.
    3. Avoid refined carbohydrates, salt, coffee, sugar, and black tea.
  3. To improve hydrochloric acid which is necessary for optimal digestion, one must increase the amount of blood circulation in the abdominal and solar plexus areas.  Awakening the solar plexus which is the abdominal brain is essential.  Expose your belly to the sun twice a day if possible.
  4. Vitamin E and A help heal skin rashes and eruptions.
  5. Place a heat pack on the abdomen and lower back simultaneously in order to stimulate the thoracic area of the spinal cord which facilitates increased blood flow to the stomach.
  6. When in the shower, alternate hot and cold to the abdominal area.
  7. The ability of your stomach to burn and digest the food and nutrients you consume is a direct reflection of your overall health, especially the condition of your skin.  The more rapidly and efficiently you digest your food, the less toxicity is generated.
  8. Chew thoroughly and completely because starch digestion begins in the saliva of the mouth and not in the stomach.
  9. Once a week take a colonic, enema, or perform Prockshalana.
  10. Wrap the entire body with linen sheets soaked in a salt solution twice a week.
  11. Purify your chakra with leeches and apply leeches on the liver to detoxify.  Place leeches on the vena porta point on the liver for one hour.  Combine blood which is infused with highly energized enzymes from the leeches saliva with honey and apply to affected area for 30 to 40 minutes.  This has been used with great success in  Russian clinics and hospitals.
  12. Coordinate and decalcify the endocrine system with blood washing methods.
  13. Expose skin to the sun on a daily basis until skin has achieved a good, healthy, golden pigment.
  14. Hydrotherapy and hyperthermic baths every week.
  15. Taking a salt and hydrogen peroxide bath every day.  Sixteen ounces of hydrogen peroxide with two pounds of solar or sea salt can be added to a hot bath.
  16. Follow our anti-parasitic protocal.

Malignant Melanoma Healing Modalities:

  1. Apply leeches around the melanoma to bring oxygenated blood to the area which destroys the cancer cells. Dr. Otto Wormburg, double noble prize winner, proved that with enough oxygen cancer cannot grow.  Apply leeches once a week for a month.
  2. Eliminate venus stasis with special compresses which have been soaked in hot water, rung dry, and wrapped tightly around the tumor.
  3. Infrared lamp therapy alternating between light application and cold compresses on affected area.
  4. Alternating extreme temperatures of hot and cold water upon the melanoma.
  5. Apply an ointment consisting of cayenne, beeswax, and therapeutic herbs.


Local Treatment for skin disorders:

  1. Split an aloe vera leaf and rub into affected area for thirty to forty minutes. Ingest aloe vera gel internally twice a day with a dosage of two ounces.
  2. Rub sesame oil on body and lay in the sun for thirty minutes daily for two weeks. One must build up to thirty minutes slowly by gradually adding five minutes a day.  Only lay in the sun before 12:00 p.m and after 4:00 p.m.
  3. Keep one day a week as a juice or water fast as a maintenance program.
  4. Evaporate four liters of your urine in a copper pan until one third is left. Add aromatic herbs like rosemary, lavender, sweet clover, sweet basil, and peppermint.  Add 3 teaspoons of iodine after it is cooled, shake, and rub into your entire skin.  Wait twenty to thirty minutes and then take a lukewarm shower (filtered shower water without chlorine).
  5. Never use regular soap or cosmetics. They are filled with chemicals and artificial fragrances that create blemishes and toxicity in the skin.

Healing Herbs:

  1. Red clover, comfrey, burdock, elecampane, juniper berries, lavender, aloe vera, celandine, slippery elm bark, strawberry leaves, and calendula.

Ulcer of Stomach and Duodenum

         About 80% of ulcers are a result of stress, bacteria (especially helicobacter pylori), poor eating habits, constipation, congestion in the liver, pancreas, and gallbladder.  75% of people with ulcers often have low blood sugar, Hypoglycemia, and should be treated for that condition simultaneously.

Art of Healing ulcers

  1. Believe that you are a child of God and you are created in

the image of God.

  1. Through prayer, creative visualization, meditation, and relaxation you focus your mind on perfect health, strength, and faith. This helps to balance you emotional, mental, and spiritual body.
  2. A total cleansing of the gastrointestinal tract. From four to six weeks with the restoration of friendly bacteria.
  3. Cleanse the stomach with a solution of baking soda, manganese, and salt. After ingesting force yourself to vomit.   This should be done once daily for three to four days in a row.  If you cannot vomit you should take mustard, cascara sagrada bark, or white oak bark to induce vomiting.  This cleanses the mucus, bacteria, parasites, and fungus from the layers of the stomach.  This should be done under the supervision and guidance of a skilled practitioner.
  1. Cleanse the liver, gallbladder, and pancreas.
  2. Normalize weight according to your height.
  3. Follow correct food combining.
  4. Do not overeat.
  5. Take half a glass of raw cabbage juice twice a day between meals every other day, and raw potato juice on days when cabbage isn’t consumed.  If the ulcer is in the stomach take the juice thirty minutes before eating, if it is in the duodenum take one and a half hours after eating.
  6. Put a heat pack on the liver and abdomen are all day long or as often as possible to unclog capillaries in the stomach, duodenum, and liver.  Do this for twelve days.  After twelve days, apply for one hour three times a day for the next two weeks.
  7. Applying leeches to the solar plexus and liver areas will unclog and restore capillary action in the region and eliminate venus stasis.  This should be done three or four times a month by a skilled practitioner.
  8. After two to three months of treating, schedule an x-ray exam which should show a healed tissue where the ulcer once was.

These methods have been proven to help thousands of patients who were treated in Europe by the renowned French physician, Dr.  Alexander Salmanov.

Dietary suggestions:

 40% of vegetables should be blended raw while the remaining 60% should be steamed or baked.

  1. Following a balanced Macrobiotic diet for one or two months is highly recommended.
  2. Anything that can irritate the duodenum and stomach must be eliminated from the diet including fried foods, tobacco, alcohol, sugar and sugar containing beverages, ice cream, coffee, tea, chocolate, salt, sour fruits (especially citrus), strong spices, vinegar, chili, heated vegetable oil, and foods or drinks that are too hot or too cold.
  3. Potatoes, squashes, yams, avocados and raw bananas are soft and usually well tolerated.
  4. The following herbs are very helpful: cloves, comfrey, flax seed, chamomile, plantain, nettles, calendula, and peppermint.  Drink by instruction.

 Baldness, Thinning hair, Itching Scalp, Dandruff, Dry and Anemic skin

         We will introduce to you natural techniques on how to restore thinning hair, get rid of baldness, eliminate itching scalp, stop excessive dandruff and revitalize dry skin.  20% of those individuals with baldness have inherited the condition from their genetics.  Some have a physiological condition of an imbalanced overproduction of sex hormones.  However, 80% of baldness and hair problems are a direct result of environmental factors.  This includes unnatural and chemical-laden cosmetics, shampoos, and hair dyes, a mucus forming diet and processed food, stress, constipation, liver congestion, insufficient exercise, malnutrition, lack of iodine, and the calcification of the pituitary and pineal glands.  All of these factors result in the thickening of the galea, a tissue on the top of the scalp, and as a consequence, the capillaries in the scalp and hair roots become block causing congestion and venus stasis.

Biological Healing Treatments:

         (To be followed for two to three months)

  1. Clean and detoxify your gastrointestinal tract, liver, kidneys, pancreas, lymphatic system, and restore the friendly bacteria in the large intestine. This was discussed at the beginning of the book.
  2. Anti-parasitic treatment.
  3. Coordinate, decalcify, and restore normal circulation in the inner organs, skin, brain, and scalp area.
  4. Dry brush your scalp vigorously for five minutes with an all natural bristle brush, immediately after doing this take a shower, alternating hot and cold water on your head and hair.
  5. Use Ivanov’s method of cold water treatment daily and twice a day if possible.
  6. Sit in a sauna or steam room and take Niacin fifteen minutes before entering. While in the sauna, drink a citrus cocktail.
  7. Purify the scalp with leeches and glass cups every ten days for a total of four applications. This is the quickest and most profound restoration of microcirculation, bringing the most blood and nutrients to the scalp area.  It has proven to be superior to surgery hair transplants while having no side affects.
  8. Turpentine Hand bath twice a week. This speeds up the blood circulation between the hands and head by fifteen times.  This provides nourishment and oxygen to the scalp area.  Repeat until fifteen to twenty applications have been done.
  9. Massage the thyroid gland twice a day with aromatic oils mixed with iodine. Most affected individuals have a problem with a under functioning thyroid gland.
  10. Massage and expose scalp to the sun for five to seven minutes daily.  Expose entire body to sun daily.
  11. Use a white radiant lamp during the winter on scalp area for ten to fifteen minutes twice a week.
  12. Do a yoga exercise shoulder stand and head stand which brings arterial blood to the chest, head, and thyroid gland.  Do once a day for three months.
  13. Include aerobic exercise daily.
  14. Color, light, sound, and aromatherapy which restores the   chakras and heals the aura.
  15. Manipulation, massage, adjustments, and acupressure to realign the spinal cord and improve oxygen circulation in the cervical neck area. Any blockages in the neck can block blood and oxygen flow to the head resulting in congestion and poor circulation.

Dietary Considerations:

  1. Anti-baldness cocktail:
    1. 3-4 carrots, 2 celery, 2 inches of ginger, ½ an inch horseradish, 1 cucumber, 1/3 onion, 2 raw eggs (organic).

Mix and blend juice with egg.  Drink before meals once a day.

  1. Mix six ounces of African cayenne with one quart of Romanoff Vodka. Leave in the sun for two weeks, shaking twice a day.   Drink one teaspoon a day and massage into the scalp daily.
  2. Cut an onion in half and rub on the scalp at night before sleeping. Leave in overnight.  Smash garlic and rub into scalp to kill bacteria that is a contributing factor in hair problems.
  3. Spend two weeks on a Vegan cleansing diet and follow with a Body building diet emphasizing raw vegetables, silicon rich plants like alfalfa, burdock, celery, comfrey, horsetail, nettles, onions, sprouted wheat, oat groats, raw eggs, kelp, dulse, nuts and seeds , buckwheat and barley, sesame seeds, rye, millet, and rice. Raw goat milk and cheese.  Raw fish and lamb can be eaten up to twice a week.
  4. Take at least four teaspoons of sprouted wheat, building up to four tablespoons of sprouted wheat a day for three to four months.  This is one of the most nourishing enzymatic nutrients for the scalp area.
  5. Alfalfa, nettle, burdock, chamomile, rosemary, and horsetail steeped in water and used as a bath for the head.

The Art of Healing Allergies, Migraines, and Sinusitis

         At the beginning of the nineteenth century, the cases of allergy and environmental sensitivities was virtually non-existent, with only a small number of afflicted individuals.  As outdoor chemical pollution and indoor environmental toxins increased, the number of people complaining of allergies and all symptoms related to increased sensitivity, rapidly grew.    The advent of processed food and sugar laden beverages, which are full of artificial colors and preservatives, only contributed to an increased separation between man and Nature.  Man made cosmetics, shampoos, soaps, cleaners, and other personal hygiene products with high levels of chemicals and fragrances only worsened the rise in allergy and illness.

Allergy can be the inappropriate response by the body’s immune system to a substance that is not normally harmful, but it is often a reaction induced by inorganic materials that Nature did not intend for us to ingest, smell, wear, or be exposed to in any form.  Allergies to food, pollen, mold, and other natural substances is also a condition that has been created by a pollution of the external and internal environment we are living in.  A weakened immune system will respond to nearly any substance as an antigen invader.  Our bodies are not meant to react in an adverse way to substances that should be nourishing and harmless.  This is not a biological condition, but a consequence of man’s pollution and disregard for Nature and her laws.

Some of the physiological reactions of allergy is the irritation of the mucous membranes in the lungs from carbon monoxide, tobacco smoke, and other inhalants.  Doctors Keller and Morrow concluded that prescription drugs, antibiotics, and intravenous injections such as inoculations and vaccinations irritate the mucous lining in the body, damage the nerves, inner system, and cells.  All unnatural and inorganic matter that enters our blood causes venus stasis, blood congestion, and blood toxemia which is the breeding ground for bacteria, viruses, and parasites.  This creates a medium for allergic responses and sensitivities.  The level of toxicity within the body reaches such a high level that the liver and immune system are unable to filter, dissolve, and cleanse the antigens from the system.

Healing Biological Treatments:

  1. Constipation, lack of friendly bacteria, a congested liver, gallbladder and pancreas, and congestion in the brain and sinus cavity because of inadequate blood circulation are all contributing factors to allergy. One of the first steps is to cleanse the digestive tract.
  2. Detoxify the liver, gallbladder, and pancreas.
  3. Normalize microcirculation and oxygenation through leech therapy.
  4. Hyperthermic baths twice a week.
  5. Anti-parasitic treatment.
  6. Turpentine Hand Bath twice a week.
  7. Wrapping with linen materials that have been soaked in salt water. Apply twice a week.
  8. Fast seven to ten days on juice every three months.
  9. Bathe with 2 pounds of sea salt and 16 ounces of hydrogen peroxide.
  10. Follow a vegan diet for 3 to 4 weeks, and then a body building diet with organic foods if possible.
  11. Have a spinal cord adjustment and massage into the head and neck to remove congestion and to maintain normal circulation.
  12. Expose body to the sun for twenty minutes before noon and after 4:00 p.m.
  13. Sauna or steam room with perspiration tea and niacin flush.

Dietary Recommendations:

  1. Bee pollen (raw and crude form) at two teaspoonfuls a day to be chewed between meals.
  2. Emphasize calcium rich foods including turnip leaves, cashew milk, sunflower and sesame seeds, raw, desiccated liver.
  3. Four teaspoons of sprouted wheat a day.
  4. Vitamin C-Rose hips
  5. Coenzyme Q 10- 100 mg daily
  6. Germanium-60 mg daily
  7. Avoid dairy products, sugar, caffeine, white flour products, excess salt, alcohol, fried foods, canned food, and processed foods.



  1. Chicory, burdock, red clover, calendula, goldenseal root, alfalfa,

sarsaparilla, and rhubarb.

  1. Aloe Vera gel.

The Art of Healing Asthma

The latest scientific research shows two basic causes of asthma:  one, the typical allergic reaction to one or more allergens; or psychological and emotional factors.  The emotion which corresponds with the lungs is grief.  Unexpressed grief can cause lung congestion and asthma.  As we mentioned before, all external and internal pollution could be the main cause of asthma.  By the research and treatment of Dr. Salmonov, fifty percent of asthmatic  patients have a combination of biological and psychological problems.  His  research shows that indigestion, constipation, and fermentation in the stomach is the main cause of lung congestion and asthma.  This fermentation in the stomach causes a build up of heavy, solid mucous which goes into the small intestine, enters the bloodstream, and then accumulates in the bronchial trees and lung alveoles.  When the heavy mucous is stuck in the bronchial tubes they cause irritation and as a result of the body’s need to  purge the mucous, the tubes constrict causing shortness of breath and asthma attack.

Healing Biological and Psychological Treatments:

  1. Work simultaneously on the psychological and physical in order to clear the condition. Emphasize positive visualization and thinking, while uncovering possible unresolved past grief, anxiety, worry, and fear.  Age regression therapy can be helpful.
  2. Specific exercises designed by famous Russian researchers which cured hundreds of people with asthma and chronic lung conditions.  Please see video.
  3. Clean, rejuvenate and restore the gastrointestinal tract.
  4. Detoxify liver, gallbladder, and pancreas every forty-five days.
  5. Anti-parasitic treatment.
  6. Color, music, light, and heliotherapy (sunlight therapy) on the chest and breast area.
  7. Glass cups with leeches on the back area where the lungs are.
  8. Massage with a mixture of turpentine and aromatic oil on the lung area.
  9. Clean the nostrils twice a day with salty water. Make sure that several drops get into the throat and sneeze several times to remove mucous.
  10. Eliminate inflammation in the gums and mouth.
  11. Eliminate ear infections and inflammation.
  12. Inhalation therapy with eucalyptus and sage which are anti- inflammatory for the bronchial tubes and destroy harmful bacteria.
  13. Dry brush massage twice a day.
  14. Chest and spine compresses with four towels.  Two towels will be soaked in an extremely hot herbal solution and tightly wrapped around the lung and chest area.  This high temperature wrap eliminates bacteria through the pores of the sweat glands, brings arterial blood to the lung alveoles, and improves the ventilation of the lungs.  With these techniques and other modalities, Dr. Salmonov cured tuberculosis in three months.  Please refer to instructional video for details.
  15. For the dilation of the blood vessels in the lungs, one should rub Camphor oil on their lung area, and inject the Camphor oil intramuscularly if possible.
  16. Get plenty of exercise in fresh air with an abundance of negative ions which are plentiful near lakes, rivers, the ocean, and the forest where pollution levels are minimal.
  17. Dry and wet sauna with niacin flush and perspiration tea.
  18. Expose the chest and lung area to a green lamp for thirty minutes a day and yellow light on the solar plexus.

Dietary Considerations:

  1. There is a clear connection between asthmatics and low blood sugar levels manifesting as Hypoglycemia. It is recommended that those with asthma follow a cleansing vegan diet (no dairy or animal protein) for three to four weeks.  Eat a lot of greens, garlic, fresh fruit, raw seeds and nuts, sprouted grains and beans.
  2. Buckwheat, blueberries, pears, beans, and nuts should be included if tolerated because of their high levels of manganese. Manganese helps to oxygenate and detoxify the body.
  3. A food supplement made of one grated beet, one grated horseradish root, two tablespoons of grated ginger, one grated Spanish black radish, garlic, and lemon juice. Mix and store in a glass jar in the refrigerator.  Consume with meals two or three times a day.  This will help to dissolve the mucous matter in the lungs to be eliminated by the blood.
  4. An anti-asthmatic cocktail composed of the following ingredients: juice one carrot, three celery, one cucumber, one green pepper, daikon radish, two cloves garlic, one inch of horseradish, and a piece of ginger.  Mix and drink in small sips within twenty minutes.  Can be diluted with distilled water if needed.
  5. From two teaspoons to four tablespoons of Bee Pollen daily.
  6. Foods high in beta-carotene should be emphasized including carrots, squash, sweet potato, and spirulina.

Healing Herbs:

Tamarind, rose hips, alfalfa, ephedra, mullein, comfrey, marshmallow, and malva are all healing herbs that can benefit the lungs.

  1. Chammomile, valerian root, coltsfoot, mother wart, calendula, hyssop, and alfalfa can be mixed together and made into a tea.

The Art of Healing Diabetes

Diabetes is often a result of continual dietary violation with a tendency of overeating and food indulgence.  Hypoglycemia always precedes a Type Two Diabetes condition.   A small percentage of individuals are born with the disease.  The majority of diabetics, however, have been created through the overconsumption of foods containing refined white sugar.  This unnaturally high level of sugar stresses the pancreas and forces the pancreas to manufacture an overproduction of insulin.    This excess insulin causes blood sugar levels to fall below normal resulting in hypoglycemia.  According to Dr. Hoffman, fifty percent of the American population has a hypoglycemic condition, precipitating adult onset diabetes.  Hypoglycemia causes depression, fatigue, irritability, and a tendency toward criminal thinking and behavior.  The normal blood sugar range in the body should be between 80-120 mg percent.

Many diabetics have an undetected kidney and adrenal problem for several years before developing diabetes.  Venus congestion in the liver, gallbladder, and pancreas is also a factor in developing blood sugar problems because of a clogged and unclean bile duct.

Healing Biological Treatments:

  1. Clean and detoxify the liver, gallbladder, and pancreas.
  2. Complete gastrointestinal cleanse.
  3. Restore microcirculation in the abdominal area with the application of leeches.
  4. Compresses on the kidney, spine, spleen, and abdominal area to decongest affected organs.
  5. Yellow lamp on the solar plexus for thirty minutes, and on the spinal area. One could also wrap natural yellow material around the solar plexus.
  6. Expose to sunshine before 12:00 and after 4:00 p.m.
  7. Anti-parasitic protocal.
  8. Hyperthermia with leeches and infrared lamp therapy alternating five minutes of light with 30 seconds of ice packs on the abdominal area. This increases circulation and blood flow to the affected area.



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